Step#1 Develop the Idea

You want to build something. What is the next immediate thing?

This is the dilemma all of us undergo before building anything new. Can be writing an article, book, blog or even building a product or service. All of us want to do something creative and productive. Some make it. Many fail. What is the differentiator?. The key differentiator is taking action. The best point to start is with the users of the product or service you want to deliver.

My experience with Go2Scrum

Go2Scrum is my product. Actually what is it?. Is it a blog?. Is it a service? or Is it just propaganda of a scrum training program?. What is it actually?. What is it that I want to really create and deliver

Who are all the users of Go2Scrum?

  • Individuals who want to learn scrum using Jira to apply it to their personal projects
  • Teams who want to follow scrum for their official work
  • Organizations who want to outsource their scrum master / coach role
  • Those who are searching for true agile teams to develop their product
  • Anyone who searches for agile product development using scrum and Jira

These users and their profiles help me to think through the features / content I need to satisfy these user’s needs.

Epics of Go2Scrum

Epics are very high level requirements which needs further breaking up before development. The sequence goes like this;

Go2Meeting – Product , Epics , User story sequence

Let us focus back on the epics of Go2Meeting product

  • Content for mastering Scrum
  • Content for mastering Jira
  • Mentoring for individual users
  • Customer specific mentoring
  • Monitoring & Controlling customer’s projects using Jira
  • Agile outsourcing support

As you can see, these are very high level requirements and in the agile world, they are known as EPICs.

Since we know the EPICS of Go2Meeting, let us define the EPICS in Jira.

I have better clarity about the work to be performed now. We started with just an Idea. Then we elaborated that idea further into EPICS, and then defined them in Jira under project Go2Scrum.

The next step is to decompose these EPICS into User Stories, which will bring in more clarity about the product and the work involved. I will post it as a separate post.

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