Product development using scrum #1 – User profiling

By | February 12, 2020

Have you ever tried to scope a product?. If you are also like me, we are great dreamers of products. If we do not take that first step, we are not going to reach anywhere. What is that first step?. Think about the users of the product. Start with mind maps. Here is the first cut mind map of the user roles who will be using the product scrumlancer.

That is a good start. I am sure that this is going to evolve further. Now, I know who all will be using the product, which makes it easier to think through ‘How’ they will be using the product.

For example;

Product owners should be able to;

  • Post their project
  • Define the user stories of the project
  • Perform release planning
  • See the progress of the project
  • Answer the queries of the development team
  • Define the release plan
  • Perform high level estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Track the progress towards a release

Webinar hosts must be able to…

  • Schedule a webinar
  • Market the webinar
  • Manage the registrations
  • Cancel a webinar
  • Close a webinar
  • Must be able to conduct a webinar (both free and paid)

As you can see, from those one word ‘user profile’ in the mind map, it is easier to elaborate the requirements further. Still we are at a very high level. In order to estimate and start development, we need further granularity.

Requirements which are at very high level, and needs further decomposition are known as Epics.

Start with user profiling with mind maps. Decomposing epics into user stories is the next step.

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