Scrum Launcher

Agile using Scrum & Jira for working remotely

We help Individuals, teams and Organizations to perform their work better using Scrum framework on Jira platform. Through this blog we educate and support teams to work from anywhere and achieve their goals more efficiently. We also help product owners to identify scrum ready teams to make their products real and successful.

Why Scrum?

Scrum is a very light weight framework suitable for developing anything ranging from writing a book to developing complex products. Founded by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland almost twenty years back. It is very easy to master, hence the learning curve is very low. Since scrum is based on empiricism, it provides predictability to the development process, if implemented well.

Why Jira?

To be honest, all that we need to scrum is a product backlog, good team, a white board, marker pens and sticky notes. That holds good even now for personal project. When it comes to teams working remotely, communication across team members become a challenge. There Jira comes in very handy. It is also a proven tool for managing agile projects, especially projects following scrum.

Why Us?.

We will….

  • Train you on right scrum using Jira remotely
  • Help you to define your projects in Jira
  • Monitor your projects remotely and provide suggestions to control them
  • If you want to develop a product, we will help you to identify the right teams to develop your product, and work with you till the product is successfully delivered

We have proven track record in helping teams to succeed using Scrum.